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Running Coach, Master Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer


Bryanna is passionate about nutrition and fitness and loves to inspire all to live a healthy and active lifestyle through a whole body approach. She believes in nourishing mind, body & soul and believes nutrition and physical activity are essential for all.


She has her Masters in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is a certified Nutritionist, as well as a certified run coach with North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals, and is a certified personal trainer through American Council of Exercise. Bryanna is an elite marathon runner competing at both the regional and local stage and coaches high school cross country.


She enjoys running & hiking with her three children and husband, as well as creating wholesome, nourishing recipes she shares with her family and on her blog.


Certified Personal Trainer and Group Instructor


Callie is an endurance athlete who has competed in long course Ironmans and has run a number of marathons. Originally from Spokane, Callie is a G.U. graduate. She is a certified trainer through the American Council of Exercise, and is very enthusiastic about helping individuals along their journey to health and well-being. She cares deeply about helping people discover their true potential and seeing them realize their goals


Group Instructor


Sam grew up in Spokane before attending Western Washington University to graduate with a B.S. in Kinesiology. He used his schooling to develop his passion of cycling with coaching and bike fitting. Since moving back from Bellingham, Sam and his wife Mackenzie enjoy a balance of outdoors, travel and family.


Group Instructor & Certified Trainer


 Hannah is a Certified Personal Trainer.  Her passion is helping each individual she works with to become the best version of themselves. Hannah's favorite aspect of becoming healthy and strong is not only the physical component, but the emotional transformation. She believes learning to live a balanced healthy life provides confidence, achievement and self worth. Hannah has four years of experience coaching athletes, gymnasts, bodybuilders, and has helped with weight loss transformations. She also has certifications in Functional Movement, Fitness Nutrition and Yoga. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, cooking, and snow sports. Come join her to begin your journey today! 


Specialties:  Functional Movement, Coaching, Fitness Nutrition & Yoga


Group Instructor & Certified Trainer

jo trainer.JPG

 Johanna is a graduate from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, a background in Personal Training as well as a competitor for Eastern’s Division I Track and Field and Cross Country teams. Jo has many years of experience within the health and fitness realm. She has first-hand experience with endurance training, strength and conditioning and functional movement. Jo has helped others achieve weight loss, optimal performance and individual strength goals. Jo believes that empowering the physical body will empower all other aspects of life and is very passionate about helping others  achieve  this in order to guide positive transformations. In her spare time Jo enjoys running, baking, and hiking!


Specialties: Endurance Training, Strength Conditioning, and Functional Movement


Certified Personal Trainer & Group Instructor


Anna is a writer, speaker, artist, lover of strength training and a movement nerd on a mission to bring you hope in the midst of pain. She earned her bachelors in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University in 2010. Anna is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, certified in Functional Movement, certified YogaFit instructor & a certified Kettlebell Instructor.  She has a talent to meet you right where you are physically and mentally. While at the same time, Anna gently moves you past comfort zones challenging and strengthening you mentally and physically. Her mission as your coach is to guide you to a strength that allows you to see the possibilities of your power. This is the hope we all long for; to know we have the power to change.


The ultimate goal for Anna is to give you all the tools her clients need to listen to the intuition of their body’s wisdom in order for them to know what is best for them. This includes what is best to eat for their body, what type exercise it needs in the present moment, and how to listen to the deep desires of their heart.

Specialties: Functional Movement, Kettlebell Instruction & Yoga


Group Instructor, Yoga Instructor & Certified Trainer

jen payton.jpg

Jen is a transplant from Washington D.C. and has enjoyed life in the Northwest. She adds much to our team as a 10 year exercise specialist. Jen is a certified personal trainer with ISSA, trained in teaching Yoga, has a strength & conditioning certification, TRX certification and a nutrition certification. She has experience with fascial counter strain venous/lymphatic and fascial counter strain foundations. Jen also received her Level 1 Matthew Kenney Raw Food Chef Certification and is a Licensed Massage Therapist.  


Specialties: Yoga, Strength Conditioning, TRX, Nutrition and Functional Movement